Plan Terms, Conditions and Procedures

 Important:   ICAN Advertising (Pvt) Ltd. Strongly advises you to register as a member only after reading and understanding the terms and conditions stipulated here. Therefore, once registered as a member in web site, you are in agreement to abide by all the conditions. However, the company reserves the right to amend or change any condition without prior notice as and when necessary. That is for the benefit of both parties, the company and the member.

  • Business opportunities and benefits obtained when you purchase our Business Plan(s)

    • By purchasing an advertiser business plan(s) you will be purchasing advertising web space henceforth the main source of income generation for you is by advertising on this purchased web space.

    • For your purchase of advertising web space (through purchasing an Advertiser Business plan) you will be entitled to view advertisements 52 times within a period of one year from the date of purchasing an advertiser business plan which will allow you to earn points and for these points earned the company will reward you with a payment. To obtain this payment you are required to submit (transfer) the point to the company, after the date of points transfer it will take 10 worki ng days where the company will make arrangements for you to receive this payment hence within the coming 48 hours (after 10 working days) you may check your account. Due to unavoidable circumstances if you were unable to complete the 52 advertising viewing times during the given period company will consider and additionally provide another 3 opportunities increasing the total viewing times to 55 depending upon the missed occasions and circumstances.

  1. Registration as a Member

    Any person above 16 years of age could log into the web site and register as a "Paid Member" or as a "Free Member" free of charge. Exclusive email address should be used for each new registration

  2. Purchasing the Business Plan/Plans

    After becoming a member, you could obtain income opportunities by purchasing one or more Advertiser Business plans of your choice from the different Business plans offered by the company. Business Plans could be purchased from one of the following methods.

    1. By visiting the Company Head Office or any Branch of the Company and making the payments

    2. By making the payment through the Bank You can pay the money to the Company Bank Account.


      The "Membership No" you received to your email when registering needs to be mentioned at the space mentioned as "Ref. No" of the Bank slip. Then pay the relevant money to one of the company bank accounts indicated below. After paying the money, email the captured copy or the scanned copy of the Bank slip to of ICAN Advertising (Pvt) Ltd.

      #BankA/C NameA/C Number
      1Bank Of Ceylon (Maharagama)ICAN Holdings Pvt. Ltd.0086976412
      2Sampath Bank (Kottawa)ICAN Holdings Pvt. Ltd.005210007913
      3Seylan Bank (Kottawa)ICAN Holdings Pvt. Ltd.033013244689001


      • Banking Information: Along with the Membership you are required to give your banking details for this. Visit "Edit Profile " area of the "Profile" icon and fill your correct Banking information. If you need to change the information in the future, you may do so. However, in such a situation, it should be informed to the company through the Company E-Mail immediately.

      • You are required to submit a copy of your National Identity card duly signed by you indicating your membership number along with the Bank slip

  3. Suspension / Termination of Membership

    If you are proven to be guilty for at least one of the following offences which is contravenes the agreement, then ICAN Advertising (Pvt)Ltd. reserves the authority and rights to terminate your membership, and take legal actions against you.

    1. If you delegate your uploading or viewing of advertisement to any other party.

    2. when inspected by the Company, if you are proved to be guilty of not uploading or viewing the Advertisements by yourself.

    3. Upon receiving a credible complaint against you and after a thorough investigation on matter concerned, if you found guilty.

    4. If you fail to work according to the Business plan continuously for 30 days.

    5. If you try to convince the new prospective members by giving incorrect information regarding the company, advertising opportunities and its' earnings.

    6. Involving in any activity which would tarnish the image and reputation of ICAN Advertising (Pvt)Ltd, beyond the terms of agreement.

  4. General Conditions

    1. You are required to participate at least one two-day residential training programs organized by the company within three months of your membership.
      Through that program, your skills and knowledge could be developed and thereby you can become a successful person in achieving your financial and spiritual goals in your life.
      Participation for the two-day training program is compulsory during the year of your membership. However, if you fail to participate during the year, then you will not be allowed to renew your membership for the following year.

    2. One member could purchase only one Advertiser Business plan each from the available plans during the year.(according to the plan value)

    3. Due to an unavoidable circumstance, if the company is compelled to terminate this Business opportunity, then the member will get the difference between the amount he/she invested at the beginning for purchasing the Business plan/plans and the amount he/she received at the time of closure. The payment period will be determined by the company.

    4. During the period of membership, if the member expires, the amount due to him/her could be requested by a beneficiary who had been assigned by the member before or his/her close relative proved through an affidavit. However, the final decision in this regard lies with the company.

    5. The ICAN Advertisement (Pvt) Ltd. strongly advises to the members to not to engage in this business by stopping his/her present employment of earning opportunity. However, if any person does that, in case of any member being suspended or terminated by the company, the company will not be held responsible for economical loss of his/her earnings.

    6. In case, if either party violates the rules and conditions mentioned in this, then the other party has the right and ability to take legal. action against the other. It will enable both parties to compensate for the damage

    7. Due to unavoidable circumstances presented by government laws and conditions presented during crisis situations, internet service provider interruptions and technical impacting websites normal operations may result in delaying of payments though I.C.A.N Advertising (Pvt) Ltd. assures that all pending payments during the these periods will be settled during the time periods stipulated by the company accordingly. Payment will be agreed upon by both parties.