Our Web Traffic Pricing

 Why Bannercuts.lk Web Traffic

Get the website visitors you want faster and affordably. Need thousands of targeted visitors to your website, then Bannercuts.com targeted web traffic is for you.

Our Web Traffic Plans (International Market)

Unique VisitorsClick Price (USD)Price (USD)Action
1 - 15,0000.05(Max) 750.00Buy Now
15,000 - 25,0000.04(Maax) 1,000.00Buy Now
25,000 - 30,0000.30(Max) 900.00Buy Now
30,000+0.2(Min) 600.00Buy Now

Our Web Traffic Plans (Local Market)

Unique VisitorsClick Price (LKR)Price (LKR)Action
1 - 5,0003.00(Max) 15,000.00Buy Now
1 - 10,0002.50(Max) 25,000.00Buy Now
10,000+2.00(Min) 20,000.00+Buy Now

 Our Web Traffic Solutions in Sri Lanka  

Our web traffic solution gives you LKR 2.00 per Unique Visitor and can accommodate up to 1.5 million visitors (e.g. for 1000 unique visitors @ LKR 2/- total coat LKR 2000/-).

bannercut.lk to Increate Web Traffic Rapidly

With Bannercuts.com you can purchase targeted website traffic according to your requirement(s), you will immediately increase the number of unique visitors to your website improving your websites SEO standings enabling you to achieve your stipulated website and business objectives Bannercuts.com provides dedicated support and transparency by accurate reports during our web traffic solutions.

bannercut.lk Website Traffic Features

  • Real Visitors :   Real, unique, human visitors to your website. Have more people learn about your product, your service all the while increasing unique web traffic.

  • Targeted Traffic :   You can target the niche you want. We’ll deliver visitors according to the niche you requested to your website with an iframe.

  • Cost Effective Web Traffic :   A distinctive advertising campaign focused on GEO location and keyword targeted would be an expensive endeavor costing both money and time and may not yield desired results. our low-cost traffic brings you the targeted traffic at an affordable price without the need to wait for results.

  • Increase Website Rank & Value :   Our website traffic will increase your website’s Alexa Rank, Page Rank, and Search Engine Rankings increasing the value of your website. Higher the Alexa Ranking more the advertisers are willing to advertise and pay to run advertising on your website. Ultimately you can sell your website for higher value of your choice.

  • Target By Geo Location :   Geo targeting is available within Sri Lanka. You will be able target traffic in respective to the district(s) you require.

  • Dedicated Support :   We provide technical support during our solution(s) ensuring the client achieve execution excellence and offer training in using our online report panel effectively.

  • Static Report :   Track progress of your campaigns daily (minute by minute) on our online report panel. Analyze the results according to the targeted niche(s) (Age groups, Gender) and geo location(s) (only Sri Lanka).

  • 100% Guarantee :   Bannercuts.com ensure to delivery all the targeted traffic you ordered.